Maria Nova / NOVA

Born in 1989, and as Nova since 2017. Intermedia artist, performer, narrator. She graduated film studies at the Jagiellonian University. In the years 2018 / 2019 she underwent two scholarships abroad at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin (UdK) and Belgrade (FPU). Creator of video art pieces, installations, performances, texts, situations, choreographies. She participated in individual as well as collective exhibitions and performance art festivals domestically and abroad (including the Triennial Media Art Festival in Belgrade 2019, IX Triennial Youth Festival in Orońsko 2020, Transart Communication Budapest – Bratislava 2018). Her interests include performative language in the context of interspecies communication and methods of relation-building, but also the status quo of artwork and the process of constructing collective, eco-post-humanist identities (archipelagos). She explores this subject in the identity project titled NOVA / as if SUPERNOVA 2.0 | ecological collective identity.




not island not

WORKS FROM 1111 & 111 & 111 & 111 DAYS

12 OCTOBER 2016    -    25 SEPTEMBER 2020



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